Your ARtsTEach Gifts At Work


A young boy sits in the corner of the brightly decorated kindergarten room, head down, patiently waiting his turn. When the ARTSTEACH artist-educator approaches the little boy, he quietly whispers the role he wants to act out in this one-hour theatrical workshop; instead of being a warrior, he asks to be a healer, a shaman.

Cheeks painted bright blue and yellow, dressed in a multi-colored vest, the young, introverted boy repeats his lines as the ARTSTEACH teacher instructs him. As the workshop continues, his voice grows more confident and the other shamans follow his lead. Soon the delivery of his lines and his expressions are so moving I set my camera aside to watch him. A shy boy only an hour ago has transformed into a powerful shaman with purpose and determination.

After “The Legend of the Bluebonnet” workshop, I approached him and asked, “So did you have fun?” His eyes darted toward the floor, feet fidgeting, “Yes. Can, can we do another one please?” He looked up at me with watery eyes, and I replied that I hoped the school would give him the opportunity to participate in another workshop very soon.

“That happens a lot” said ARTSTEACH artist-educator Noel Merriam. “They like these workshops so much, they don’t want you to leave.”

Witnessing a child discover himself through art is an incredibly moving experience, and is an opportunity every child should have. Art provides limitless possibilities for growth, self expression and exploration. Participation in a broad range of artistic activities is vital to the development of youth in San Antonio. If you agree, click here now to develop students’ imaginations by funding ARTS SA’s ARTSTEACH arts-education workshops.