Student Population


According to the State Board of Education rules, School Districts are responsible for enabling students to participate actively in a well-balanced curriculum. Designed to meet individual needs, an effective art program makes significant contributions to the development of well-rounded, intelligent, sensitive, self confident and contributing members of society. In addition to enriching students’ affective abilities, art education develops the cognitive abilities of the individual students. Students experience the processes of perceiving, comprehending, imagining, creating and evaluating. These processes provide a focus for students to develop interpretative, analytic, creative, synthetic and critical skills. ARTSTEACH is the perfect vehicle to accentuate this process.

Special Education
The arts offer adaptable media with a history of accommodating individual needs and talents. The objective is not the creation of separate programs and activities for persons with disabilities; rather, it is to ensure full participation in existing programs. Students with the greatest number of special needs will of course, require the greatest amount of support and individual attention.

Gifted and Talented Education
Art provides creative challenges, leadership opportunities and in depth experiences that enable gifted and talented students to reach their full potential.
Academically gifted students have the ability to think of many things at a time, understand, structure, and perceive connections. Art programs with a wide range of content, responsibilities and problems to be solved, present a challenge. Students are encouraged to analyze, compare and contrast, synthesize and evaluate ideas as they explore and discover. Through art education, students can focus their curiosity and challenge their imagination.

Special Student Population
A major goal of any education program is to enable students to grow physically, emotionally, aesthetically, and intellectually to the fullest extent of their abilities. The arts curriculum provides unique opportunities for the involvement of all students, regardless of experience, cultural background or disabling conditions. Participating students can alternate as observers, creators, performers, and evaluators, thereby gaining knowledge discovering talents, refining skills and developing an understanding and appreciation of the abilities and efforts of others.

Multi Cultural Education
The ARTSTEACH program offers an ideal means of enriching multi-cultural programs, because it allows bilingual, ESL and migrant students to see through the eyes of another, experience feelings and ideas firsthand. Activities in art that focus on personal experiences and interests provide students from different ethnic groups with an opportunity to share with others their cultural forms of expression, personal ethics, and social goals. Encouragement of efforts enhances self image, builds confidence, and motivates the exploration of new ideas and interests. The nature of art education develops an understanding and appreciation of the abilities and efforts of everyone involved.