Intro & Background

The Board of Directors and staff of ART San Antonio are of the firm belief that ART is basic to education, thus the ARTSTEACH program. Through ARTSTEACH we are able to enjoy a good working relationship with your school and are very grateful of your willingness to invest your time and effort on this program. We know that ARTSTEACH will greatly improve, promote and encourage arts learning in your school.

ARTSTEACH workshops have taken place at schools in the following districts in the San Antonio area: Harlandale ISD, Northeast ISD, Northside ISD, San Antonio ISD and South San Antonio ISD. ARTSTEACH workshops also took place in Boerne ISD, Comal ISD, Devine ISD, New Braufels ISD, Poteet ISD, Dilley ISD and Karnes City ISD as well as in several private and parochial schools and community service organizations such as the Girl Scouts of the San Antonio Area.

Using the ARTSTEACH Webpages:

The workshops in the ARTSTEACH webpages are organized by grade levels; K to 2nd and 3rd to 5th. All 3rd to 5th grade workshops can be adapted to the secondary grade levels. This has been done to help teachers pick grade relevant workshops and to assure optimum results from the service.

Contained in these sections are workshops representing the full range of art disciplines, including: Cultural, Dance, Literature, Music, Theatre and Visual Art. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to browse through the entire catalog to see what might support the goals and objectives at their appropriate class or campus. We also encourage teacher/artist communication prior to the workshops. This way the teacher can present any special needs or curriculum requests to assure a successful experience for all participants. ARTSTEACH believes in grade level consistency.

When ordering ARTSTEACH workshops please keep in mind that the minimum requested time for any artist is two hours IN CONSECUTIVE TIME SLOTS. We have a minimum request in order to enable the artists to set aside blocks of time at a particular school and spend less time traveling. With the extra travel time, artists fill up their days very quickly causing other schools to be denied their request for workshops. Please remember that a request form is a “Request” and that the artist may have already received requests for the same day that you are requesting. For scheduling purposes, ARTSTEACH suggests sending in requests AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This means sending in the request at least two full weeks prior to the date requested. Requests received within two-weeks of the date requested can not be guaranteed by ARTSTEACH.

We have found that a lot of the schools use the program mostly during the months of April and May and we are inundated with requests at that time. ARTSTEACH is a year around program and we would like to see more schools utilize it to support their curriculum throughout the entire school year.

When you see a workshop that you would like to schedule for your students, fill out the request form and have your principal sign it. Please fax it to the attention of the ARTSTEACH coordinator at (210) 226-1981 or mail to ARTSTEACH c/o Arts San Antonio – 418 10th Street – San Antonio, Texas 78215. You can also order workshops via our web site at (we still need to have the signed request faxed or sent in to us).

Workshops costs are based on a maximum of 25 students per class, unless otherwise indicated in the individual workshop description. The price of each workshop is listed in the catalog. This price includes all materials needed for workshops in addition to expertise of the artist. Schools located outside of the Bexar County limits, but no further than 15 miles, will be charged $10.00 per round trip per artist requested. Schools located further than will be charged $0.41 per mile, per round trip. Your school will be invoiced for services provided by ARTSTEACH . Invoices will be sent out immediately after the workshops have taken place.

If your school requires special billing arrangements, please contact the ARTSTEACH coordinator at (210) 226-2891. All checks are to be made payable to ARTS SAN ANTONIO, under no condition is payment to be issued, or given, directly to the artists.