How to Reserve


ARTS San Antonio has expanded the ARTSTEACH program beyond the school systems and made it available to organizations and individuals. Our artists are capable of teaching adults as well as children.

The process of finding and reserving a workshop is very easy. Simply browse the workshops by category, artist or grade level

To reserve a workshop,

1. Locate the workshop you would like.
2. Select the date on the calendar you would like it presented by clicking on the (green) day in the calendar. Please be advised that not all workshops are requested via the web site and also; that our artists are on contract to us and may have other commitments on the day you are requesting. Once you fax your request to our office, either the ARTSTEACH coordinator or the artist will call you to confirm the requested date and time and if not available, will try to fill your request on a date mutually available.
3. Tell us what time you want the workshop, where you want the presenter to go.
4. “Teacher”, “Grade”, “# of Students”, “Room”, “Time” – Please provide the information in this area as accurately as possible to help with the appropriate number of supplies as well as assuring a grade relevant workshop. Please include all teacher’s requesting the same workshop in this space keeping in mind that the minimum order per artist is two consecutive hours. Please Note: The maximum number of students per workshop is 25 unless otherwise designated in the individual workshop description.
5. Print, sign and return the confirmation page to ARTS San Antonio by either fax or mail. Schools are required to have the principal sign-off on the request all other organizations can have the request signed by the Director or person in charge of the program.
6. Fax or mail your request to:

ARTS San Antonio
418 10th Street
San Antonio, Texas 78215
Fax: 210-226-1981

That’s it. You’re set.

You will be asked to enter a username and password at the end of the process so you won’t have to re-enter your personal information each time you request a workshop and so we can keep you informed of new offerings from ARTS San Antonio. Your information will not be given to any outside party and will only be used by ARTS San Antonio for your convenience and our announcements.

When the artist goes to the school or organization he/she will present you with an evaluation form for you to fill out and return to them at the end of the workshop. We find that once the workshops have been presented most people will not go to the website to evaluate thus the “paper evaluation form” has become a necessity for the program.

You will find the form is easy and it takes very little time to fill out. Your cooperation is essential as this form is used to make sure workshops have been completed, to compensate the artist and also for statistical purposes. If you do not feel comfortable handing the form to the artist so that he/she can see what your evaluation says, please place it in an envelope, seal it, and give it to the artist. PLEASE KEEP THE PINK COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.